It’s important for any successful business to attract and retain quality employees.

Recruiting and retaining quality employees is an important consideration for business owners.
Instead of a large down payment, you can make manageable payments as you go.

Looking for Solutions to your business service needs?

DES Enterprise provides solutions to meet all of your business service needs from PEO services, HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing) services, commercial insurance services, all the way to working capital injection services that will not leave your company in debt.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO company) exists to minimize employer-related liabilities and maximize company efficiency with management task outsourcing. The PEO and its client company share the responsibilities and liabilities involved in the business. The PEO acts as an administrative employer while the client company acts as an on-site employer. Are you looking for PEO company? Get a quote from DES Business Solutions today.

Why use a PEO company?

An effective PEO enables its client companies to become more profitable by assuming many non-revenue producing back office activities.

Professional employer organizations can offer and manage many employee benefits at competitive prices that may be unavailable to the client company if it negotiated on its own. This includes medical, dental and many other ancillary benefits, including an optional 401(k) retirement program. Both the client company and the employee will benefit from the co-employment relationship with a PEO. Start PEO San Antonio today!