Financial Services

Through our partner, FACTAC, Inc., we strive to meet your cash flow needs.

Factoring is the sale of invoices (accounts receivable) at a discount. It is a financing tool used by many businesses to increase cash flow and raise working capital within a short amount of time and without the use of debt.

The application process involves a simple form and submitting your approved invoice. Once we verify the receivables/invoices and other requirements, we provide funding in less than 48 hours.

Factoring is a tool used by numerous industries.

Architects, engineers, construction companies, subcontractors, trucking, staffing agencies, medical facilities, vendors, suppliers, and more benefit from factoring.

We assist many contractors and subcontractors (all levels) by factoring receivables, draws, and invoices. We are another resource when banks are reluctant to provide monetary assistance in times of urgency.

As a contractor, you have subcontractors who require monthly draws. FACTAC can assist them at no cost to you. Subcontractors are able to man a project without cash flow concerns.

FACTAC: Is a factoring company. Simply stated, we purchase accounts receivables.

Our programs help you stay in the game by providing you cash flow solutions that best fit your situation and business needs. These are remedies to immediate monetary concerns with long term benefits.

We offer factoring, (fast cash via, invoice purchasing), asset acquisitions, and funding through third party investments groups.

Running a company is serious business. You need money to keep your staff and workers employed, to pay creditors/vendors/ suppliers, and make scheduled payments to the government!

With FACTAC, you can receive money in 48 hours or less by factoring (selling us your receivables/invoices). You can have money in your hands almost immediately and your credit rating is NOT a consideration. Want cash now? Ask us how

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