Risk and Safety Management

DES Enterprise will place you with the best risk management service for your business.

What is Risk Management?

It is important for every business to provide a safe work environment for their employees, and doing so can further help a business be more efficient and reduce their insurance rates. Our safety experts can help you form, implement, and oversee custom safety programs that comply with the applicable safety regulations.

Why Does My Business Need Risk Management?

Work-related injuries can happen, is your business ready to handle a worker’s compensation claim? Working with Risk Management Consultants of a PEO can help reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace and can help you through the worker’s compensation claim process. Implementing a risk management program may also help your business prove due diligence in legal action and limit your liability in case of a lawsuit.

Risk Management Services Typically Include:

  • A client specific Safety/task Management Manual and program
  • Assistance for each client in implementing the program
  • Tracking injuries, losses, and performance
  • Providing feedback to clients
  • Developing and implementing and organized structure to identity proper and practical work methods using input from employees and management
  • Provide assistance with OSHA regulatory compliance
  • Provide end of year OSHA-200 information.